Do you want to add a splash of interest to your succah? Bring in some colour? Add something different?

Check out these five Amazon finds we have selected just for you!

1.An image of a beautiful scenery will complement most settings. However, Succos especially, where we leave our homes and enter our temporary dwellings, a big print is a great option for your walls.
Try this one for under £20.

2. While this one would probably be more suitable for indoor sukkos, they are nonetheless a beautiful addition which can add a nice way to bring in your Yom Tov candles to the sukkah. Alternatively, hang them without the tealights and they still make a striking decoration suitable even for outdoor sukkos.
Buy them here for just £17 per set of 2

3. Stars, how many of us have had those beautiful handmade stars created from foil paper? With this sheet, you get two for one. Firstly you get a beautiful star but at the same time, you have a nice wall covering from which to hang your decorations.
From as low as £15 per sheet.

4. Moon Phases, what better decoration for the sukkah than the depiction of the phases of the moon? Yomim Tovim are dictated by the day set for Rosh Chodesh which was set by Beis Din. This could be used as a brilliant educational piece in your Sukka.
Available for just £18

5. Marble backdrops, are very sleek and can add that perfect finish to your Sukka.
From just £19 these can really make for a unique addition to your Sukkah this year.

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