Our first issue

UPLIFT - The Story,

UPLIFT, a women to women conversation written in the voice of Jewish Women from diverse walks of life. We are talking about the subjects that matter to us.

We started this publication in honour of Rebbetzin Chaiky Rubin z’l, who exemplified the meaning of living a life of Torah whilst always being down to earth, and approachable.

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As a new magazine on the market, we have grown with each issue we publish. We are online and quickly spreading to newsstands all over the Jewish World. Los Angeles is our newest address.

Our future looks exciting!

Join us on this fantastic journey while reaching your targeted market

Our reach is estimated to be around 6k and constantly growing.

Issue 3
Issue 3

Reaching your target market.

When advertising with the UPLIFT magazine, your audience is exactly who we say they are. We have researched and found that our reach is exactly who we market our magazine to Jewish Women, aged 30 and over.

Our typical reader is a professional, hard-working woman who may or may not have a family but is always there for those in need whilst enjoying her life to the fullest. She loves cooking healthy nutritious meals and lines information on health, lifestyle and beauty.

If that is the person you wish to attract to your business or service then place an advert with us now.

We have special rates for ongoing advertising.

Did you know an advert works best when it appears 3 times? Try it and we’re sure you will notice the benefits.

Our current advertising rates

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  • Article up to 700 words
  • Advert

Cost: £600


Sponsor a section – includes:

  • Article (1,500/1,700 words)
  • Banner in the footer of each (print) page of the sections.
  • Full page advert
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