A Magazine is Born

Chaikys network was set up in Memory of Rebbetzin Chaiky Rubin. Rebbetzin Chaiky was a force of compassion who showed, love and understanding to all who met her. To meet Rebbetzin Chaiky was to create a deep friendship, she was your friend, your mother figure, your therapist, or your Rebbetzin, depending on what you needed at that moment and she did it in the most honest and refined manner.

The Network was founded to continue her legacy, as an initiative to combat loneliness in the community, especially for women. We aim to give support and friendships in any way that we can.

In the two years that have passed since the Rebbetzin was niftar we have raised the awareness to the loneliness felt even within those who seem to be some popular involved in everyday life.

The uplift magazine is a by-product of Chaikys network by which we bring information to women that is pertinent to their lives, via health and well-being subjects.

Part of The Inform All Project Ltd.