It took me a while to choose this issue’s tablescape theme. I had so many ideas I wanted to use so instead I decided to take it back to the basics and keep it classy and simple, and I went with ivory and gold.

The best thing about only using these two shades is that you can really build up from it and customize it to your liking.

To start with you want to use a white or off-white tablecloth and flowers and then add something gold, this could be anywhere on the table either gold plates, cutlery, chargers, or a table runner.

Once you have this as a base you can either leave it how it is. Or, you can add to it using different colored flowers, different height vases, tall candles, and linen napkins.

Cocohome Gold Placemats

Set of four £19.99 (Amazon)

Placemats are a great way to add to your table without overwhelming it.

These can also be used again in different table themes and color combinations.


For this table look, I like using cream or off-white flowers, I love mixing flowers and greenery, or keeping the leaves on the stems, as it gives a softer feel to the table (and is a perfect look for the succah too).

Mauve, burgundy and off-white shades tie in so well with this tablescape. These tones add warmth and color to the table whilst still keeping the elegant look.

I would only add a couple of the darker shades of the flowers because you don’t want it to take over the table.

Budget tip

A great way to save money is to spray paint your vase or mason jar to get the color you want, hold and black vases are an easy way to add contrast to your table.

You can also buy craft glue and gold flakes or glitter and apply it to the lower half of the mason jar. (as shown in the picture)

This is the perfect dish to have on your table at this time of the year especially Rosh Hashanah.

You could use it for Simanim, dips or desserts. This way each person gets their own individual plate and you don’t need to spend time passing around main plates.

This tray can be found in your local grocery or tableware store.

If you haven’t heard of “Between Carpools” you’re missing out. Besides having a great lifestyle blog for women, they have recently bought out an amazing cookbook called Dinner Done.

I saw this free printable simanim card on their website. This allows each of your guests to have their own card and theres no more passing around of machzorim.

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