One of the biggest causes of messy spaces is the amount of essential stuff we have. Storing them correctly can greatly reduce the clutter. with this in mind, we have bought you some of our favourite storage solutions to help you keep things neat and tidy.

1) 17 Piece Food Storage Container Set

This set of containers is the most useful!
There are 17 containers of various sizes.
The larger ones are great for storing open
snacks (pretzels, popcorn) the rectangle
ones are good for crackers or rice cakes
and the smaller ones can be used for any
little bits and bobs around the house
(staples, pins, elastic bands etc)
Available on Amazon here.

2) BluePower File Organiser

For all of you who have lots of
paperwork that needs to be kept
these can be used for filing it into
the relevant subject. I also like the idea of using this for those recipes
you have cut out of magazines and
want to keep, and the UPLIFT
magazine articles you are interested
in rereading at a future date.

Available to buy here

3) Jewelry and Makeup Storage

Makeup Organiser, 360
Degree Rotating Adjustable
Cosmetic Display Stand
Perfect to be able to easily access
all your makeup and skincare
products easily.

Available here

4) Hanging Wall File Holder

Made of sturdy metal with a black
finish, this magazine holder boasts
5 slots designed to hold magazines
horizontally. Stylish mesh arched
design allows easy access to files
and retrieval. Helps to organise
desk clutter. Useful in the home or
office. Easy to mounting on the wall
with the hardware.

Available from Amazon

5) Acrylic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Box

This is perfect for organising your
medicine and makeup cupboards.
Pencils/mascaras can go in the
smaller section and palettes and
foundations can be laid down in the
drawers, creams, pills, etc., everything
has its place.

Only £13.99 on Amazon!

6) Drawer Organisers

I think these are my favourite storage
accessories. These are the best to use
to organise clothing drawers.

Order these here!

7) Colour Coded Plastic Storage Boxes

These boxes come in many sizes. This
one would be good for storing kids’
crafts. Each child can have their own
box. This can also work for any little
prizes and special things that kids like
to save. Being that these are colour
coded it makes it even more special for
children as they can call it their own.

Available form Amazon

8) Container Set Including Labels & Marker

These are the containers that are great
for storing pasta, rice or sugar. They
aren’t too big that they take up your
whole cupboard but are large enough
to store full packets.
They are also available in
different sizes.

Order these here!

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