Bringing summer vibes into your home is as simple as a colour change.

Oranges, mustards, yellows, blues, and pastel shades seem to be colours of the moment.

But how to use them without breaking the budget? The simplest step is to open your blinds or curtains and let in the light, sounds like common sense, but it is actually a real decor trick, lighting is one way to change the atmosphere in any room. If you don’t have enough daylight try spotlights using daylight bulbs. In winter I put lots of candlelight to bring warmth and glow to an otherwise cold room. Summer on the other hand is a time when we get natural sun, and it doesn’t cost extra so let’s use it to bring vitamin D into our everyday life.

Another great idea for adding sunshine colours is to buy canvas boards, most hobby shops sell these. These are great for adding colour without a lot of work. Using watercolour paints or acrylic you can draw simple shapes and using one colour change the entire room.

Another great tip, is using potted plants in clusters in one colour, but different sizes and shades, placed on a mirror in the middle of a table or on a sideboard, then bring the same colour to another area in the room so that your eyes are drawn to the colour. When doing this I always work in odd numbers, for instance, 3 or 5 of the same.

Plant pot holders like these available from Amazon are a great way to add some colour

Another tip is to have a mirror that faces a door or window so that it makes the room larger.

Summer scents, add citrus or fruity diffusers to make a fresh scent in your home. I recommend putting dried potpourri away in the summer month. Use vases, boxes and baskets with some shells, fruit, and flowers.

Move around furniture, sometimes putting a chair in a different position can make all the difference.

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