Is it Ever Enough? A Journey Toward Joyful Living by Sarah Pachter (Feldheim)

One passage of the book comes to mind when writing this review: ‘Ca suffit—enough’ In the chapter named ‘I’ve Had Enough’ Sarah explains how these words shaped her early life.

To me this is the secret of Sarah’s wonderful writing. She uses personal stories and anecdotes to convey deep thoughts on her subject matter. I have not read her previous book, but if it’s as in-depth a study with such clarity, I’m looking forward to reading it.

I love the fact that this book can be read in a pick-up-put-down sort of way. It helps internalise the subject matter on a more profound and digestible level.

Having enough or never having enough has become a generational by-word. Dealing with always wanting and not being satisfied is difficult in a culture of such vast material wealth, yet the situation is becoming unattainable and causing lots of psychological discord in our society. Knowing when we have reached the point of enough is something we can all benefit from. This is why this book should be on every Jewish bookshelf, or for that matter, anyone’s book shelf. Every message in this book is given from personal experience. I found the warmth of her stories very palatable and her messages easy.

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