Last month we discussed the use of colour to brighten a room and how using a neutral pallet for the home, with accent colours, can make all the difference. 

Lockdown has made us all look at our surroundings with new eyes. We see things we never noticed before, having more time on our hands makes us more aware of what surrounds us. It also gives us a chance to use some artistic flair to work on different areas of our home 

In this issue I will be talking about how photographs can be used creatively to make a difference to any room. 

From family photographs, children’s art projects, postcards, wrapping paper – all different ideas that can make a big difference to a wall. 

A kitchen that is neutral can be beautiful, but adding some pictures will change the entire look. 

For instance, I have used a variety of store recipe cards as wall hangings. I choose a theme with an emphasis on one colour. I have gone into cafes and when I’ve seen different pictures of coffee beans or cakes etc – anything related to food, I’ll ask if it’s ok to take them. I have never had to pay – shops are usually accommodating. 

To make something look old, you can either stain your pictures with tea bags, or get vintage prints. 

For a more modern feel you can use images of fruit or cakes, but on a modern background. 

How about creating a wall of family photos? You can do this in straight lines in black and white frames, so they all have similar look and you can add words such as Family, Happy, Warmth, Home and others that you feel add to the atmosphere of the pictures. 

A great idea to do with children’s art, is to frame it in coloured frames and put up in a play room. Children will love seeing their art, and you can always change it as they grow. 

You can get the most fantastic array of Gift Wrap paper which you can cut and frame. 

Many years ago, I found a bunch of very old receipts in a charity shop. They were really beautiful works of art, handwritten in a copperplate script, with pictures of the shops from where they came. 

I had also collected old postcards such as soap advertising. I framed them all in mismatched wooden and clip frames. Until today everyone who uses my guest restroom comments on how original this looks. 

I hope you have picked up a few ideas. Next month being close to Pesach we will be talking about organisation, and how to make a space for everything. 

Any tips you want to send in would be greatly appreciated.

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